Sex And The Citadel – An insight into sexuality in the Arab World

The book Sex And The Citadel is a must-read for the insights it offers on sexuality in the Arab World Sex And The Citadel Shereen El Feki I have always loved reading books and accounts of life in the Arab world, and eagerly looked forward to reading this book as well. The author offers an […]

Of life, Kyrgyzstan and more – Short Novels by Chingiz Aitmatov

In three simple heartfelt stories author Chinghiz Aitmatov reveals a lot about Kyrgyzstan, its beautiful landscape, the people, and life in a commune. Short Novels Chinghiz Aitmatov Author Chinghiz Aitmatov occupies a seminal position in Kyrgyzstan’s literature. It was thanks to a friend that I got to read this book (and that’s the case with […]

Scarlett – Life Beyond Gone With The Wind

In Scarlett, there are many balls to attend and adventures all along the way. There is also a great deal of information about the South and Ireland in those times which makes for fascinating reading. Scarlett Alexandra Ripley This sequel to Gone with the Wind is certainly promising and written in a similar vein as […]