A jarful of memories

As for me, all I dream of nowadays is that smile of hers, for some reason. I wish I could have stored it in a jar, preserved it forever… like a talisman, a light to warm the heart in times of sorrow and darkness.


Dark secrets

Sorrow pours out so easily. One slight, one violent statement, one snub, one slap… The reaction is immediate. A hole in your heart, a sinking feeling in your gut, a river from your eyes. But sometimes the storm doesn’t abate.

The record keeper

We have a memory box that we rattle from time to time. Out comes the scents of our childhood, the comfort food that our mothers made and which our taste buds haven’t forgotten, voices from the past (joyful, anxious, drowned in sorrow), the bitter memories of lost loves, friendships that unravelled, the lazy, carefree days that passed in a summer haze.