Old habits

As a child, I observed a common routine of dad’s. His work as an aeronautical engineer involved different shifts.

Every day, I would find him suited and ready before time but before he left, he had a ritual. After he was dressed, he would sit and enjoy a quiet moment, savour a few minutes of peace before the chaos of the day unfolded. It taught me the importance of  slowing down before undertaking anything.

Lately, I find myself doing the same. Getting ready for work and then sitting and enjoying the last dregs of peacefulness before the day intrudes on me.

How seamlessly we turn to the habits of our parents, become like our parents without realising it. Like comfort food, it is a place we navigate easily, and doing so makes us feel enveloped by a sense of security. And no matter how much we try to be different from our parents, it’s amazing how we end up behaving just like them.


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