A roller coaster ride

Buddhism tells you that change is inevitable. The Bhagvad Gita that you should not expect any results from your actions to be spared the grief. As a child, these concepts seemed so simple, hardly the precepts of two great spiritual paths.

Yet after I started working, I realised just how tough things can get if you don’t follow these rules, and just how difficult it is to imbibe them.

As my two-year-old newspaper supplement shuts down this weekend, as part of ‘organisational restructuring’, my life has turned topsy turvy. As the organisation plans to make us part of some other team, we are suddenly a rudderless bunch of people with no immediate boss, which also means no one to look after our interests.

Over the last few weeks, there has only been constant chaos, every Monday bringing yet more bad news. People have stepped up with advice, good and bad. Stay there till something worthwhile comes up, find something now, don’t panic, I had told you…

As a team, we are survivors who have brought out issues week after week. We will survive this as well. But what hurts is the lack of acknowledgement of the work that has been done. Oh but wait, Lord Krishna had told long ago something about results not being in our hands. Who knew it takes a lifetime to understand and master such simple principles.


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