Unfinished business

My mom could never take being ignored, not heard or noticed. As one among seven siblings, she knew how to make herself heard albeit that skill came much later in life. In life as in death, she seems to want to be heard.

On some days, we wake up to see a footprint on the  living room floor. It’s red in colour and reminds me of the time when her toes used to bleed. She had diabetes but also a leg infection that she battled for most two decades. So blood stains on the floor is very familiar to me. Perhaps, that’s why I am not as alarmed to see the stain.

A friend recommended I speak to someone from a paranormal society. And while I did give it thought, I was very reluctant to do so. I question myself and I realise I don’t want to get rid of her. I do want her to go in peace but not to drive her away. I want to talk to her to tell her I miss her. She does come in my dreams but I never recognise her and she seems very disinterested even when she appears.  There’s so much unfinished business between us, that I feel we have to work out before we can move on.


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