The fault in our actions

We say one thing but our actions reek of something else. At work, we say we want someone who will work hard, shoulder responsibilities and be accountable. But then how many bosses really value that? Isn’t it all about personal equations, preference, bias?

At the end of the day, as long as there are  people heading teams, there will be subjective assessment. And as I find myself, in a messed up workspace equation, nursing a fever and facing one of the worst days ever, I crave for a sense of home, a workplace where people like you for what you bring and don’t deride you for the kind of phone you have or the non-branded clothes you wear or for not speaking in a hip accent.

I have found some of these things in every office, to an extent. Every workspace starts off in the same way – an attempt to build a good equation- and eventually, it seems, ends up in the same way – with harassment, unrecognised efforts and verbal whiplash. Perhaps the fault lies in me, perhaps I don’t appreciate myself enough to put myself in these situations again and again. Maybe it is the times we live in when social media and telephones mean you can never be away from your job.

My father, a veteran of many workspace battles understands even without my saying a word. Today being Mahasaptami, the worship of the goddess who vanquishes evil, he made me accompany him to the temple. And he gently told me, she will ease all the tiny, niggling worries and the niggling, bothersome people who bring so much chaos to our lives. I have seen many such days to retain hope in miraculous intervention but just for today, I will retain hope and pray for the best.


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