Forbidden love

Love cannot exist in a vacuum. Though lovers are thought to be enough for each other, it also needs others to acknowledge it. Acceptance is a sort of oxygen for it. It gives it value. And though forbidden love is glorified in pop culture, it’s no fun having to hide your love.

For years, my boyfriend and I met amid the shadows, away from prying eyes. It was a relationship that strayed from religious lines and working in the same organisation presented a dilemma as well. Being secretive, few people were privy to our secret.

But the secret would reveal itself in strange ways. Once, me and the boyfriend went to a tiny cafe. The owner got chatting with us and being an over-inquisitive chap kept prodding us for details. And despite the fact that he was a complete stranger, we found ourselves spilling our story to him. He was not that interested probably but for us, it felt like acceptance, something we secretly craved for but never got.

Today, things are in a better space, but remembering those days makes me eternally grateful to whatever deity is watching over us. And it makes me pray that he showers the blessings on each and every lover out there, hurting and hiding his love for fear of being ostracised.


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