Fault lines

We are told to aspire for perfection, to overcome our weaknesses, to not settle for anything less than what we can achieve. We wage a daily struggle to reach the horizon – we battle our inner demons, our genes, our preconceptions…

Yet it’s a losing battle. It’s worth fighting for but can you change everything about yourself; doesn’t the negative and the weakness also define you; is perfection all that matters?

I find myself thinking that when I think of my father. He is an exceptional father, an exceptional husband towards the end of my mother’s life and a moody but excellent engineer.

But he has been a very average son to his parents and a terrible elder brother, not visiting them too often and not keeping in touch with them. And he is not social, except when he wants to be, which means our neighbours are also not too fond of him.

Which is the real person- the moody and grumpy man or the caring father? He is both, these are the many facets to him. In his own way, he fought many things – his inner demons from a brutal childhood where nothing short of excellence was demanded and love was withheld by father figures. And a lifetime spent watching his back at a politically complicated workspace.

At the end of the day, we are who we are. And we may not be perfect for everyone, but even if you manage to help or impact one person, it’s all been worth it.


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