Monsoon blues

I find myself grounded at home all because of a red eye. Just last week I found myself wondering when will I get a break, feeling the pressure of working of leading a hectic life. Now here I am forced to rest. I guess we should choose carefully what we ask for.

A red eye or conjunctivitis is a signal of that the monsoon is truly here. It is also a childhood staple in India. As a kid, I got it several times, each time felt more painful and irritating. And since it’s contagious you are forced to remain segregated.

When I was in junior college, I got an eye infection. It caused my eyes to turn red, but was otherwise benign. It didn’t cause much pain and wasn’t contagious. But it did take weeks for it to get better.

During that time, I remember going to college and I remember the scared expressions of all my classmates. No one wanted to sit next to me and no one looked at me while talking to me. It felt like ostracism.

Among all those classmates, one of them did speak to me, did not seem to mind and even sat next to me. It made me feel so realise that often, the very people we shun might need all of our affection. I am glad that she is my friend even today.


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