The blueprint of life

I read somewhere that you choose where you are born, that you get a sort of blueprint of what to expect. And only if you are okay with it, do you go through birth. It’s apparently to clear your debts, make good on promises you made once upon a time, and live the life you craved for in some birth but never got.

Being a writer, I like to think of it as a story brief. I think my story brief went something like this: you will get bohemian parents who will be eccentric to others but will love you more than anything. They may not express it well and the whole world may not “get” them but they will be staunchest of supporters.

Your mother may not know how to cook but she will know how to shoot a rifle (she attended military education class) and debate about Socrates. And your father may not be politically correct but he will have the memory of a whale and a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

And while genetically, they will gift you bad teeth, they will also never stop you from pursuing your passion, studying, growing in life.

And that makes everything worth it…the the good and the bad, the pain.


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