Bleeding colours

They say it’s a bad idea to mix work and your personal life, that it’s best to compartmentalise. But what if you can’t, what if your colours bleed into each other?

The Dalai Lama says it’s best if your work is your calling. Then work is no longer something you do for money or fame, but instead something that gives you satisfaction and a purpose.

The eternal struggle – to enjoy the work you do but to not let it become your identity.

In work as in personal life, what if the personal becomes intertwined with the professional? You are told not to take it personally, but how else do you take it? I can’t separate my feelings based on the place – my father’s praise is as important to me as my workmates and partner’s. That’s the only way I know to live, that makes me human.

But perhaps the only solution is to not seek appreciation from outside. It’s not something anyone else can give.


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