The final journey

Yesterday, I went to meet a childhood friend who lost her father to a heart attack a week ago. She is also a single child like me (somehow deaths hit you harder because you feel that much more lonely in the world with no siblings to share the grief or the coping process) and it came like a jolt to hear that her father who was always healthy and active was no more, all in the span of ten minutes that her mom happened to witness. Her mother was inconsolable.

My friend was more practical and she reminded me that we are all growing old, something that’s common sense but not easy to assimilate and comprehend. We hold on to the images we have of our parents and imagine that they will be around forever in that form. But times change, and each day brings them and us closer to the final journey.

My dad and I are separated by four decades, which explains his difference of opinion, his whims..I am lucky that he is easygoing and adapts to whatever the world throws at you. I am not like that. But I hope to be. And I hope to remember that amid all the chaos we surround ourselves with, we are all on the same eternal journey, a journey beyond this world, which doesn’t wait for anyone or give prior intimation.


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