The constant battle

Change is all uphill, well mostly. I have started a new job which means adapting to their work cycles, unlearning old systems, learning new work patterns, meeting new people. It seems like a challenge but then what doesn’t?

The first day of school was a challenge, as was the first day of college, the first job, each relationship, marriage, childbirth…the list goes on. An ability to adapt is invaluable because life will keep throwing oddballs, pretty much till the end.

I live in a building full of elderly people. And I have seen them navigate the course of their life…well, for three decades at least. I have seen them as middle-aged parents, have seen them as retired but still occupied senior citizens and now many of them are battling the ailments and circumstances that come with old age. Some are now dependent on their children and daughter/son in laws, some of whom are caring, others are neglectful. They have little financial support. It’s a shame that there are very few options for the elderly…old age homes are under serviced and lonely, families consider you as a babysitter initially and later as a burden.

And somehow all elderly are supposed to be religious. If you are not, then the overzealous ones will tut-tut and sneer at the faux pas. In short, if you find anything to live for, that makes you a bigger villain than the ones who are resigned to passing on soon. That always landed my mother and father in a soup as they liked being gregarious and happy and saw no reason to ‘behave as per their age’.

My dad always says that one can only unlock the wisdom of something when one reaches there. We will have to wait till we are 70 to understand the trials of the elderly. Perhaps then, we might repent at the ways we treated them. And understand ourselves what an uphill climb life can be.


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