A year of conversations

It’s been a year now since I have been blogging. It started as a way to reconcile myself to the loss of my mother, a sense my brain was too numb to process, and yet there was the vague unease that accompanies emotions one is unable to deal with. They are like people waiting just outside the door, if only you open the door and face them.

This blog helped me face those outsiders slowly, to process the emotions…it has taken almost a year to even get started and to realise as the days unfold the implications of someone leaving you behind and moving on to another plane, the emptiness, the vacuum, how even the most significant moments seem incomplete without a loved one’s footfall.

But it has also brought a sense of purpose, a joy in sharing my experience and thoughts with people who are kind enough to read, like and comment on my posts and make me feel part of a process of sharing, part of a new world. Thank you.


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