The golden days of summer

Spring has come and gone, making way for summer. It’s a season many find unbearable, but to me it has come to denote family time.

As a kid, summers were spent home, dad would be travelling, so, it would be just me and my mom. Mom was a great fan of siestas and could be found napping a lot of the time. I would be left to my own devices, reading, watching television, listening to music…

Now, that period strikes me as a calm oasis, a time when things went as planned, when nothing harsh loomed for miles, a period of calm rest, something that I haven’t experienced in years.

The last summer mom was around was similar to the ones I enjoyed as a child. I was grounded at home for a month for extensive dental treatments. Amidst visits to the dentist, I got to be a kid once again, to the point of eating soft, mashed up food made by mom and increasingly by my dad (as mom was getting weaker and resting more) . I was also heavily anasthesized and spent a lot of time just sitting with her, listening to her, playing boardgames.

At that time, I didn’t realise that it would be the most significant time I would spend with her when she was still relatively normal, happy and independent. Even the dental pain seems worth it to have been able to experience a most memorable summer.


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