The numbers game

Mathematics may have been the bane of your life when you were studying, but there are many interesting aspects to it as well that you couldn’t have imagined.

Such as the fact that it can help you solve your dating dilemmas. As TED speaker Hannah Fry explains in her book, The Mathematics of Love, mathematical equations may shed light on patterns of behaviour thus helping you navigate the labyrinth of love. It can explain why beauty is a premium in dating, whether online dating will work for you or not, how to plan and organise your wedding and even whether you have found ‘The One’. It’s a fascinating read and one that applies logic and common sense to matters of the heart.

Long back when I attended a dance workshop where  the instructor explained how every person has an invisible grid surrounding them. So, dance is but an attempt to navigate the grid, make use of that space, define it, own it. That changed my concept of dancing forever.

And this is my favourite: in a book I read once, it spoke of how when two lovers meet in a lifetime, an angel comes and encircles that spot drawing a circle in ink around them. The circle can only be spotted by celestial beings making the spot sacred.

Numbers, shapes, equations… there is more to it than you think.


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