The magic of love

We love and we lose. We scatter friends over the winds of time. We sow our seeds and leave behind the treasure box of our memories burrowed deep inside the ground.

From the day we are born, we keep dying, shedding a bit of ourselves, our inhibitions, our hopes, our dreams, day by day. And yet it is a journey worth having, that’s what they tell us. And who are we to question the logic?

And sometimes, one is compelled to agree with it. When you find someone with whom you feel a tug from the core of your soul, when you exchange a look of pure love, when you feel the touch of your beloved, when you make golden memories out of random moments…at such times, it’s easy to believe that it is all worth it. All the pain, the suffering, the injustice… all are nothing in front of a few moments of love.


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