The daily quest for peace

In our daily life we seek a sense of peace, a certain peace of mind so that we can function properly. We pray for peace, for ourselves and for others. And yet it’s also something that has to be done by oneself. That’s why the term ‘make peace’ is so resonant.

There are times when you try and try but can’t change a circumstance, that’s when you step back and let life find its own way and pave its own road (which it does with great aplomb anyway).

Last night as I made my way home, besieged by a cocktail of emotions, I felt that sense of peace. Perhaps my guardian angel tried her best and finally managed to get through my emotional walls. I realised that I must let go of what was troubling me and I felt a sense of release, like the worry sliding away down a chute. It left behind a sense of relief and calm.

Just like we make peace, we also make ourselves unhappy by creating and giving permission to anger, jealousy and avarice to make their home in our mind.

May the force of peace be with you.


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