This world and the next

In life, certain paths take you along roads from which it’s difficult to return. And you only know you are lost long after.

It’s somehow difficult to recognise ease but very easy to figure out unease, tough to enjoy the peace you feel but easy to detect the lack of it. But getting back to the previous state involves miles of travel and in some cases is not possible at all.

It was with a view to regain a bit of peace that I found myself tracing the steps to the gurudwara on a scorching Saturday. It was relatively empty and very peaceful. I started praying mentally and without quite knowing how, I could feel the tears pouring out.

And while I had gone to pray for things to get better, I found myself humbled by the incontrovertible facts of life and could only pray that mom had peace and guidance wherever she was now and that dad and I, who will also eventually head there, get peace and guidance along the way as well. In front of matters of life and death, other things lose their significance.


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