Wisdom by trial

There is wisdom and there is wisdom. As a single child and a reluctant nerd, I used to read a lot of self-help books on the making friends… genre. I have to admit it
really did help later on. Similarly I read books on every theme that I came across, heartbreak, illness, grief, love…everything.

So, that meant I was very good at giving advice and was known as such among friends and their parents.

My mother saw through my ‘wisdom’ and reluctantly heeded it. Now, I realise part of the reason she ignored me. My reasoning was based on bookish knowledge, a unidimensional entity that falls flat in the face of 3D reality. The real emotions you feel can be beyond anything a book can help you deal with. And the person giving that advice may have zero clue of what they are talking about, they are helpful but clueless. And today when I face many of the things that I had earlier advised people on so easily, I realise how difficult is the task of actually dealing with an issue. And I understand and love mom a bit more.


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