At a music festival

Two weeks back I attended the SulaFest music festival in Nashik, it was the very first one I attended. It was packed with almost 12,000 people and was held at a vineyard. On the first day, I was so mind boggled by the sheer number of people everywhere. Battling claustrophobia and thrown amidst a crowd (that was drunk, high and smoking clouds) in which I knew not a soul, it was at times terrifying and at times exciting.

By the second day, I actually learned to look beyond the outer trappings and actually listen, to the music, to the crowds, to the vibes and feel the energy. I also managed to make new friends, something which uplifted my mood considerably. And for the first time, I actually understood the appeal of such festivals, how amazing it can be to sway as one crowd to great music under the starry skies. I returned a fan.


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