Emotions that bleed into each other

As they say, the days are long but life is short. And the days have been filled with a surge of emotions and a realisation that we live in less forgiving times, a time when even the slightest mistake is broadcast and no one wants to do anything without boasting about it. And there are no free lunches, not in times of recession.

With it comes the realisation that the last person I can recollect who did anything for me without expecting anything in return/pound of flesh were my parents.

And an awareness that it takes a lot to even get up and go out there every morning, when people are out to snatch your feeling of worth at every turn.

People advise that one should keep the work life and the personal life separate. It gets increasingly difficult for me as they bleed into each other. How can it not? It would require a schizophrenic disposition or an indifferent attitude or a thick skin to get over something nasty and carry on without feeling out of sorts. I don’t have it in me to do so.


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