The paths never to be crossed again

A whole year has gone by. My birthday was celebrated, followed by the boyfriend’s. Mellow but heartfelt celebrations followed and the days passed. My heart is still roaming somewhere, not quite here, hasn’t been here since mom left.

Days after came mom’s first death anniversary. There were prayers said and offerings made to the fire. It brought out a host of emotions…I don’t understand how people go through it year after year, it takes everything out of you, acts as a reminder of how things used to be and all that has changed. All that won’t come back…The paths I won’t ever cross again without mother.

When a person leaves, they take a bit of you also with them. They take away a string of possibilities, hopes, dreams and a way of life. When mom left she also took our family with her…without her we limp ahead, missing her, remembering her, seeking her in our memories, in inanimate things she left behind, in our loneliness.


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