On the waves of time

Life moves in waves, at times there will be an avalanche of joyous events and at other times a deluge of unhappy ones. You ride on the waves not knowing where it will lead you and at times not even knowing whether it will bring joy or sorrow into your life. Then again who is to say that what seems a happy occurrence will not turn into your greatest sorrow or vice versa. That’s the mystery of life.

It’s a pattern you weave over many births never knowing what the ultimate weave will look like or even the purpose behind the weaving.

But weave we must, from the day we flow into the world (spill over, actually) from the womb to the day we splash out of our body leaving it just a hollow shell. Till then, it’s best to appreciate the expertise you acquire while ‘weaving’ away and the generosity of mother nature who has endowed you with countless blessings in the form of an extraordinarily capable body that lasts for an entire lifespan.


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