A leaky boat of emotions

There are days when emotions leak out of everywhere, seemingly every pore of your body, from your very soul. It’s the rainy season of your soul.

You will be watching a cartoon, eating an ice cream, watching a movie or sitting staring at nothingness when a fat tear will plop down your cheek and splatter into a million tiny droplets. From your heart will emerge a sigh and you find yourself remembering something that seemed insignificant earlier but has become a giant now.

And your mouth will flood with a strange flavour. A flavour you encounter far too often: it tastes the same as the flavour of heartbreak, crushed hopes, dreams that have been pinpricked. 

Like a detached executioner, sorrow makes no distinctions. It attaches itself to the rich, the poor, the bright, the dim ones…everyone comes under its spell.

And thus, we have a common bank to draw from, a shared pool of experiences. And perhaps that’s how we can reach out and help others who are at the receiving end of life’s vagaries.


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