A timeless relationship

The relationship you have with your mother is different from any other, it’s timeless. If you learn how to live from your father, you are given the very gift of life by your mother.

She knows you at a cellular level, she is the first person you kicked and pounded with your tiny fists in the womb, she is the first person you caused pain to (albeit unintentionally) when you were born, she is the person who has seen you when you were at your most vulnerable. And she will keep turning up every time you are lost and vulnerable in life.

Losing her means losing the person who comes behind you even when you throw tantrums, the person who calls you just to know if you have eaten and reached office safely, the person who rejoices in your happiness and doesn’t mind even the bitter words you sometimes use. Losing her is like losing your biggest well-wisher, your cheerleader, your guardian angel, your innocence, sense of security, and direction.


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