Behind the mask of joy

There is a well of grief within each of us. And we battle its darkness, which threatens to overflow and overturn our life everyday.

Grief takes on many forms, it’s a shape shifter. At times, it’s insidious, gathering forces and lying in wait for an incident to propel it forward, at times it’s obvious and in the open with the dark circles and puffy eyes bearing witness to the inner struggle.

At times, it’s like the sky, spread all over you, choking you slowly, at times, like a river flowing all around you, no raft in sight. At times, it hop skips its way in your life from seemingly nowhere and at times, its a slow trickle dripping away incessantly.

And no one is immune to it; not the ones who seem to have it all, nor the ones who flash million watt smiles, nor those who seem ‘sorted’ in life.

So, perhaps you might want to smile a bit more, hold that hand a bit longer, make that hug a bit more warmer. Every lighthouse helps survive the tides of grief.


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