Old soul vs new soul

I believe I am an old soul, I have been around the block, tackling trouble and getting entangled with people over many lives. My boyfriend aka The One, on the other hand, is a new soul. It reflects in the way he tackles problems and his fresh  approach to life and I am grateful that we are quite different in many ways.

For my last birthday, during a turbulent time in my life when nothing seemed to make sense, he bought me several simple gifts. One of them was a psychedelic pistol that shoots bubbles.

I love bubbles and one of the fondest memories I have is of sitting on the curbside and shooting multicoloured bubbles late in the night. With kids playing all around me, it was a picture perfect scene. I would have never thought of giving such a gift. It made me realise that at times, even as your world seemingly falls apart, you can still enjoy your share of happy memories and that the simple gifts are the best.


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