Long walk home

It takes strength to survive every moment, every single day, to not just hurl oneself over the cliffs or into the ocean.

Just like rain that falls relentlessly and corrodes, life also pelts you with rude words and unkind deeds till one day you can’t take it anymore. People always want their right of way while you are just a pebble along the path. The joys seem so few and the sorrows omnipresent.

How does one explain one’s pain to a world busy preaching to you to forget and let go, how does one reconcile the fact that dear friends are ignoring you and caring more for others they met through you, how does one live knowing that a part of you is broken, got buried the day you lost your loved one.

No matter how much you try you can’t just move on, each day the hurt magnifies, the fissure intensifies and the ground slips beneath you a bit more.

And yet mysteriously we carry on, somehow spurred on by some force, perhaps the same force that keeps us breathing, alive and sane even in the toughest of times.

And making the long walk home a bit more worthwhile are the kind words of strangers, the happy coincidences, the lucky breaks, the rainbows lining the way. And waiting at the end of the road hopefully is redemption and salvation and the ones long gone.


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