Dear mom…

August 4 will mark seven months since you moved on. I wonder where you are, are you happy, are you hovering around, have you been reborn? I hanker for answers and yet I know there probably aren’t any.

Instead I hope that dear mother, wherever you are, you are guided and guarded, that you get peace and love, that you get the love you deserve, that your enthusiasm remains undimmed always. I pray that you never lack in food, that someone always holds your hand, caresses your forehead in the night, and keeps a vigil over you on sickness, just like you did for me.

I pray that someone sings to you, that your laughter still resonates somewhere, that you get to share the gossip you so loved and that your thirst for knowledge takes you places.

I hope you get someone like dad wherever you go, to hold your hand through the trials of life, to love you no matter what and to always fight for you. I pray that you get a daughter who is more like you than I was, who will get along with you better than I did and love you more than I could.

And I pray that we meet again someday, on some path, and share memories and talk about the things we left unsaid.

If you are keeping a watch over me and not going anywhere, I hope someday you come pick me up at the end of my journey, whenever that is. There never will be anyone like you mom.


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